User Base Monetization

Monetization for platforms where users can exchange messages.

How it works:
Add Giftmoji widget to your website (1 line of code).
Your users will be able to buy & send gifts via your chat.
You will make 10% commission on every gift.

5-min demo

If your users can send private messages to each other, they will be able to send real gifts


Send ☕️ Coffee
to say thanks


Send 🌹Flowers
to get that date


Send 🍕 Pizza
to continue that fight


Send 🍔 Lunch
to have a meeting

Empower users to send real gifts via chat


Add one line of code to your website to get the Giftmoji button.


Your users will be able to send real gifts via private messages.


You will earn 10% every time a gift is purchased on your website.
What kinds of gifts can you send via Giftmoji?

Real gifts people love to give and receive

Physical & digital products, services, subscriptions, experiences… you name it.
Gifts can be redeemed online, at retail locations or delivered to the recipient.
We have 100+ brands, and can add anything if necessary.

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